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We are in an exciting phase in disrupting the UK accounting outsourcing space. Join us through one of our open roles and deliver valuable and professional support to accountants.

Senior Accounts Executive X 2

Bookkeeper X 5

Trainee Accountant X 10

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The place where "employees" come first

At Affinity Outsourcing, our company culture is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in positive attitudes, a thriving work environment and lively energy – exactly what we attract in our employees. Our staff achieves a collective impact on our clients by wisely investing their time and honing their skills.

Affinity Outsourcing takes pride in sustaining a no-pressure work environment, where help is always available to train staff members and enable them to meet client expectations. We are a fast-growing organisation that empowers employees to tap into their full potential.

Client stories

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Jay JD

Excellent accounting services! We have free time to focus on core business activities that has ensured exponential business growth. I would surely recommended their services to accounting firms in the UK and also to small businesses in the UK

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Puchhu Leng

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Extraordinary services at truly unbelievable prices. Due to work overload, I was unable to manage my client’s books and accounts, and then one of my friends suggested me Affinity Outsourcing. It is been 4 years we have been working with them, and we are very happy with their services and costing. 

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Chris Jordan

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was hard for me to find an experienced accountant who can help me manage my client’s books and accounts. And, fortunately I found Affinity Outsourcing. I am really happy with their services and professional approach.

The benefits of working at Affinity Outsourcing

We take the health and happiness of our employees seriously – that is a guarantee. We consistently evaluate new ways to provide them with an amazing place to work.

Indian working hours

Enjoy a regular and comfortable work shift whilst serving clients in the UK.

Various bonus schemes

It is our habit to give away spot recognition awards and performance bonuses.

Learning & Development

We offer training workshops to our employees so they can upskill consistently.

Indian calendar holidays

Use 14 preset days every year for national holidays. Benefit from a 100% approval ratio of planned leaves.

Medi-claim insurance

Get the cost of hospitalisation due to accident, surgery, or critical illness for yourself and your family covered by us.

Accidental insurance

We give you financial protections in the form of accidental insurance.

Alternate Saturday off

Work two full Saturdays every month and half days on the other two Saturdays – make every day count!

Periodic relaxing events

From annual events to 1-2-day picnics, we give our employees every opportunity to rejuvenate.

The Affinity Outsourcing Values

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