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Sole proprietor with < £90,000 GRF based in London.


The practice was struggling to find a suitable employee and the proprietor was having to undertake all the work himself, resulting in the practice stagnating, as he couldn’t take the time to find new clients or have the capacity to take on any new work.


All the work was outsourced to Affinity and although this resulted in a small drop in income initially, it allowed the proprietor to take time to find new clients and increase the GRF.


Within 4 years of using Affinity Outsourcing the GRF increased from below £90,000 to over £250,000 and his income increased significantly, even though he never prepared a set of accounts. This occurred despite the fact that a serious health problem took the proprietor out of the business for 6 months. During this time Affinity Outsourcing continued production without a break and even saw some of his clients, so no client suffered and he was able to recover without the added stress of worrying about his practice.

Client Comment

Using Affinity Outsourcing has changed both my business and my lifestyle. I have an amazing work life balance and knowing that I have a back up plan if there is a reason why I can’t work has helped me enormously. The added value is that I have managed to increase my GRF and therefore the capital value of the business for my retirement without any stress. I cannot recommend this way of working highly enough.

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