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Data Security And Compliance

Having been in the business for decades, we know you can’t take the security of your clients’ data lightly. You shouldn’t – it’s detrimental to your practice! You can relax when you outsource to us, we’ve established strict protocols to protect the data.

Data is at the core of our business, and we have invested heavily to ensure we keep it safe and secure.

Appropriately trained staff

Every member of our company undertakes regular training in data security, data management and protection to maintain a seamless security protocol.

Fully encrypted data

All data communication is encrypted, and data is stored on secure UK-based servers. Your client data is worked on remotely and does not leave the UK.

Secure data transfer, processing and storage

Our specialist IT division can help you set up the secure links we need to provide you with a safe way to exchange data. We work hard to provide a seamless means to provide the accountancy services you rely on us for. Once the systems are set up, it works like this:

Client data is received and uploaded to Affinity Outsourcing’s secure server.

Client data is encrypted and held on Citrix ShareFile data storage server in the UK.

Secure login to customer-specific URL by Affinity Outsourcing personnel to process the data.

Password-protected access is provided to the client to review completed accounts.

Completed accounts are downloaded in an encrypted format and decrypted when received by the client for onward despatch to their client.

General Data Protection Regulations

In the UK, data protection is governed by the UK GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018, which should be read together.

All processing of personal data is conducted per the data protection principles set out in Article 5 of the GDPR. Affinity Outsourcing’s Data Protection Policy Statement provides precise details of the lengths the company goes to ensure data security.

Personal Information Management System (PIMS)

To support their compliance with GDPR, Affinity Outsourcing has a PIMS in compliance with BS 10012:2017, a British Standard for Personal Information Management Systems that provides a best practice framework for helping organisations develop processes in the collection, handling, storage and deletion of personal data/information. All staff must follow the documented processes and procedures regarding data management.

The Affinity Outsourcing Offices

Affinity Outsourcing currently has offices in Wembley and Piccadilly, UK and Ahmedabad and Vadodara, India. The accounting outsourcing service centre in India is home to 90+ accountants working from modern offices equipped with up-to-date security systems and technology based in the city’s business districts.

Every Affinity Outsourcing client has an account manager and a team leader based in India. They are highly qualified and provide training and review best practices to our accountants to ensure our clients receive the highest quality service at all times.

The Affinity Outsourcing Values

Better outsourced accounting service starts here.

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Artisan Accountants

Using Affinity Outsourcing has changed both my business and my lifestyle. I have an amazing work life balance and knowing that I have a back up plan if there is a reason why I can’t work has helped me enormously. The added value is that I have managed to increase my GRF and therefore the capital value of the business for my retirement without any stress. I cannot recommend this way of working highly enough.
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Kevin Alderton & Team

The contrast with the previous outsourcing company could not have been clearer. Affinity provided us with a dedicated team in the UK and a team leader in India. We have an established system which allows us to prioritise our jobs making sure client satisfaction remains high. We like the ability to switch our usage on and off according to our work volumes and our capacity. Using Affinity Outsourcing has given us a significant competitive advantage and we continue to exploit this and increase our client numbers without compromising service levels.
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McKenzie Philips Tax Accountants

As a general practitioner for over 30 years I have experienced all the highs and lows of staff shortages, poor quality working papers, missed deadlines and the day-to-day pressure of work. Since being with Affinity I have not missed a single deadline, I have found the quality of their work to be excellent, and l can relax more, safe in the knowledge that they are there for me, taking care of both my clients and my Practice. I cannot recommend Affinity highly enough.

Is your accountancy practice ready to outsource?

Explore how Affinity Outsourcing can help you by requesting a call back from our team.

Explore how Affinity Outsourcing can help you by requesting a call back from our team.