Frequently Asked Questions on Outsourcing for Accountants

How much will outsourcing cost me?

Prices are by negotiation and are dependent on the amount of work you outsource so that you get economies of scale. We agree in advance what the charges will be and these prices are fixed so that you know exactly how much your costs are and how much profit you will make on each job.

Can I get any real benefits from outsourcing?

We believe that you can and so do the many clients who use our accountancy outsourcing services.

We offer a fast, reliable turn around on jobs at a fixed cost so that you know just how much profit you will make on each job. We can even complete an urgent job in 24 hours if you ever need to.

You can grow your practice as much as you like because you won’t have to worry about recruiting staff, and incurring expensive recruitment agency fees. Plus you won’t have to worry about getting work done when staff are on holiday or on sick leave and office space and equipment for the staff is no longer an issue, reducing overheads.

This more efficient way of working leads to better cash flow and a more profitable practice, taking the stress out of running your business and helping to create a more a valuable asset should you ever wish to sell up and move on.

Is an outsourced bookkeeping service available?

We offer an outsourced bookkeeping service which is also very popular with our clients. Using an outsourced bookkeeping service allows you to free up staff time so that they can concentrate on work that attracts a higher charge out rate, as well as eliminating the stress of meeting last minute deadlines.

The outsourced bookkeeping services centres are also based in London and Ahmedabad and run alongside the Accountancy outsourcing services delivery centres.

Can you work with our software?

Yes, we can work and interface with any UK accounting software, downloading if appropriate, directly into your own in-house Accounts production software.

Typical software includes:-

General accounting:- Xero, Kashflow, Sage, Quick Books, Excel. etc.

Accounts production:- Sage, CCH, Digita, Iris, VT TaxCalc, etc.

How competent are your staff?

All of our staff in India are either fully qualified or part qualified Chartered or Chartered Certified Accountants, and fully trained in all UK reporting requirements. Two of our Indian partners and our UK Practice Manager make regular (two to three times a year) visits to our India office to recruit, train and conduct Quality control reviews at all levels.

How will we communicate with the people actually preparing our work?

Once you are an Affinity Outsourcing client you will have a “team” allocated to your work. Each team has a team leader who will be your point of contact so that you always have consistency in your communications. How many people are in your team will depend upon the amount of work we complete for you.

When you need to talk to someone you can either email or telephone your client manager in the UK, or the team leader in India. The staff in Ahmadabad work to local time, which is 4.5 hours ahead of UK time between 1 April and 31 October and 5.5 hours ahead between 1 November and 31 March, which means they’ll be available normally up to 2.00pm and 1.00pm UK time, respectively. However, there is usually one team working to UK time, so there should always be someone there to talk to if necessary, during normal UK office hours.

Do you deal with all sizes of practices?

Ideally clients outsource £50,000 plus of their GRF. This enables us to allocate at least one dedicated team member to your practice. However, we will work with smaller practices who are trying to grow but need help with accounts production work so that they can concentrate on getting more business. For this type of client we allocate your jobs to a “pool” of staff until your workload increases and then you would be allocated a dedicated team member.

What is the typical turn around time for a job?

Turn around times are agreed when you become an Affinity Outsourcing client and depend upon the level of work you want us to carry out for you. We work together to decide how quickly you would like your work returning but typical examples would be a practice with £400-500K GRF would expect three to four weeks and a practice with £100K could be just a week.

What happens if I have an urgent job or suddenly need a lot of extra work doing?

We always have some spare capacity at our delivery centre and the teams there will work weekends, evenings and bank holidays in order to meet an urgent deadline. The staff take great pride in providing a high level of service and being able to help clients in an emergency.

What about client data security?

We take client data security very seriously and follow our set protocols to keep all financial information safe and secure.

Client data never actually leaves the UK and is stored securely at our Wembley Offices. All the other delivery centres simply access client data remotely via a dumb terminal over encrypted links.

All the offices have CCTV and door entry security. USB and DVD drives are disabled on individual PC’s to prevent unauthorised copying and the use of internet is restricted to sites required for business.

All staff are required to leave mobile phones, electronic devices and bags in a locker whilst they are work.

What format do the jobs need to be in for you to do the work?

We can work with files in any format that your client gives to you although ideally electronic versions are quicker and simpler to process. Some accountants scan all client paperwork and then send this to us electronically.

If you are unable to do this you can courier all the paperwork to our office in Wembley and we can carry out the scanning for you at an agreed price. The records will then be couriered back to you.

What format will the Accounts files come back to me in?

In your own existing format. Every Accountant has their file structure set up slightly differently, and in their own preferred style. We will match that exactly, but if you do not have an existing format then you may care to use our own, which is how we will present it to you anyway!

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