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Top 3 Myths About Outsourced Bookkeeping Services​

Outsourced bookkeeping services for accounting firms across the UK are truly rewarding and supportive. There are plenty of individual accountants and accountancy practices in the United Kingdom that have been working in collaboration with outsourcing services providers such as Affinity Outsourcing. This is because outsourced bookkeeping services are affordable, offer peace of mind, and most importantly, allow you free time that you can invest in finding new business prospects or enjoy with your family.

Moreover, you can also enjoy accurate, streamlined, and efficient bookkeeping services without having to arrange another bookkeeping department in your office. However, there are still some businesses that fear outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services due to one of the other reasons. Here we are about to explain some myths related to outsourced bookkeeping services in the UK, so stay with us.

  1. Outsourced Services are Not Secure: We understand that when you are sharing the financial details of your clients, you want to double sure. But, there are outsourced accountancy services providers in the UK like Affinity Outsourcing that are in the business for more than 30 years and have done a great job in keeping the clients’ financial details and transactions protected. To ensure the safety of clients’ data and financial details, companies like Affinity Outsourcing have comprehensive security guidelines and tools in place. Their systems are protected with advanced firewalls, offices are laden with high-quality security cameras, restricted data access features, and much more. Thus, when you are about to hire an outsourced services provider, make sure it is an established remote accounting firm with a proven, long and verifiable track record just like Affinity Outsourcing.
  1. You Lose Control and Visibility: This is one more myth because of which accountancy firms across the UK hesitate to contract outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services providers. They believe that when they outsource their task, they lose control and visibility over their clients and on the status of the work. An accounting firm like Affinity has everything in place – well-organized books and all other data related to work so that they can easily present it to their client whenever required. To ensure 100% smooth operation and perfect collaboration with our clients, we have established bookkeeping and accounting guidelines and follow them rigorously right from the onset.
  1. Outsourcing is for Large Businesses: Well, that’s wrong. Established accounting firms in the UK routinely outsource to increase their efficiency and productivity, but that doesn’t mean outsourcing is for large businesses only. At Affinity Outsourcing, we have clients who are one-man-firm. Outsourcing is the best way through which small and medium-sized accounting practices boost up their profit margin. You can ensure the growth of your business with a limited budget and resources. Outsourcing is the perfect alternative to dedicated accounting departments which small and medium businesses may not afford for ROI and other practical reasons.

Here’s How Outsourced Accountancy Services Can Help Your Business at Different Stages:  

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