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Outsourcing of Accounting Work – How Secure It Is?

Outsourcing of accounting work! What about the security of my clients’ financial data? This is one of the most common questions that accountants and accountancy firms have, who are considering about outsourcing the accounting work of their clients.

The notion of outsourcing of accounting work is gaining momentum across the UK. In fact, it is getting popular all across the developed nations! Looking at the time and cost benefits among other advantages, many accountants and accounting practices are thinking about outsourcing of accounting work of their clients. Ranging from bookkeeping, payroll management, and taxation to financial statement preparation and everything in between, accountants and accounting practices in the UK are considering about outsourcing as much of their clients’ accounting work as possible.

One of the main concerns, however, these accountants and accounting firms have when it comes to outsourcing is the security of clients’ financial information. Will the vital financial data of my clients remain secure? Where will the accounting work of my clients be processed? If it is going to be processed out of our country, will it remain confidential? How will it be sent to the offshore processing centre and back to us? Questions such as these are common and will obviously arise in the minds of accountants who have not yet experienced the high-class accountancy outsourcing services.

To address this concern about the data security, let us tell you in short that your clients’ financial information remains extremely secured. The concept of outsourcing of accounting work is not new. As a matter of fact, many accountants and accounting firms in the UK and across the developed nations are already outsourcing the work of their clients for many years now to companies specialising in accountancy outsourcing services. Most of these accountancy outsourcing companies are professional, honest, and build their reputation not only on quality services, but also on the sense of confidentiality they offer to their clients. Many accountancy outsourcing companies in the UK sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with an accountant or accountancy firm before taking any job to ensure the peace of mind to the latter.

When it comes to handling the sensitive financial data of the clients of an accountant or accountancy practice, different accountancy outsourcing services companies have the different measures set in place. For instance, we at Affinity Outsourcing ( have our very own data security measures.

We follow the strict protocols for financial institutions operating overseas to maintain the utmost security of data and are obligated by the UK data protection act.

We usually ask for the data from an accountant or accounting practice in a scanned format. If the accountant or the firm does not have the time to scan their client’s data, we request them to send it to us at our office in Wembley where we will scan and return it back. Once the data is in the scanned format, we will upload it to our own secured servers in the UK. This data is then made accessible to our delivery centre via a ‘dumb’ terminal. Our offshore team is well trained in data security and protection in order to ensure a seamless confidentiality protocol. Once our team processes the data, it will send it back to us at our UK office from where we will hand over the data back to you. From the inception to the completion strict protocols to protect the data are maintained.

Outsourcing of accounting work in the UK, to a reputable company, like us – Affinity Outsourcing – can be extremely beneficial for accountants and accountancy firms. It is extremely safe and rewarding.

If you are an accountant or an accountancy practice, no matter the size, you can partner with us to get your clients’ accounts production work done efficiently. In order to see how much safe and how much your practice can benefit from our accountancy outsourcing services, we also offer to run a FREE TRIAL JOB! Once you are confident about us, we will work to create a bespoke package to suit the specific needs of your practice.

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