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3 Important Steps to Consider For Outsource your Accounting Work?

Are you an accountancy firm in London and believe you are ready to join the flow and partner with an outsourcing accounting firm? But, before you initiate the relationship, has your partner tick all the boxes? Have you set some working guidelines for each other? Are you really ready for accountancy outsourcing services? Are the security guidelines and policies in place? Has a GDPR agreement been signed?

Even if you believe you have ticked all the boxes, there are some hidden critical aspects that may cause problems down the road as the relationship moves forward. Fortunately for you, Affinity Outsourcing is here to help. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we have an in-depth understanding of every single and tiny issue that can lead to problems between an Accountancy firm and the service provider.

But what are the tasks and services that can be outsourced to an external accounting firm in the UK? If you are not sure, then kindly read the concluding paragraph.

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Here Is The Checklist Of Steps You Should Take Before Choosing Your Accounting Outsourcing Firm.
1. Summarize Strong Data Security Guidelines

When you decide to work with an accounting outsourcing firm, you are sending your clients’ financial data to your partner, and this generates the risk of misconduct. So how do you ensure that the financial data you’re sharing with your outsourcing partner is safe and secure?

Your accountancy outsourcing firm will update you about the steps they take to maintain data security.

In fact, a reliable and confident outsourcing service provider will inform you about all the measures they take to make sure data security is well preserved and in order. And with GDPR coming into force on 26 May 2018, it is important to check the following:

  • GDPR Data Processing Agreement
  • ISO 27001 Security Assurance
  • Other Security Protocols such as;
    • Secure client login
    • 256-bit SSL encryption
    • Anti-virus/ Spam /Spyware manager
    • 24/7 surveillance systems
    • Daily server backup
    • 24×7 by trained security guards
    • Biometric systems
    • Disabled USB ports
    • Clear desk policies
    • Limited internet access unless there’s a process requirement
    • Continuously monitored web-access
2. Make Sure Your Outsourcing Partner has Multiple / Flexible Communication infrastructure

The outsourced accounting services don’t work properly unless your outsourcing partner has flawless communication arrangements and the right infrastructure.

If your partner is working over the cloud, then they will need to join through secure virtual technology like RDP, VPN, Citrix, or GoToMyPC; hence, make sure they have all the vital technologies in place.

Flawless communication via a 2×2 MB International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) line is required if you outsource an accounting partner is located in countries like India. Make sure your outsourcing partner has such technology. Communication via IPLC lines creates a next-level telephony experience. Video chats tools like Slack, Google Hangouts, and Skype are also truly useful when it comes to flawless communication.

When you decide to work with an outsourcing firm, you better set the communication expectations with your partner.

3. Visit the Offices of Your Overseas Partner

You should visit the office of your outsource partner at least once a year – Meet your overseas team. This is because nothing substitutes a face-to-face meeting to build relationships. This will make you feel as if your outsourcing firm is working as an extension of your accountancy practice.

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If you are planning to outsource your accounting tasks, then make sure you follow these 3 steps. These three crucial steps will help you evaluate the right outsourcing company for your outsourcing needs.

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