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If you provide accountancy services to UK property investors, you’ll agree that these are turbulent times. There are many buy-to-let matters affecting landlords who run a rental business in the country, and they can minimise tax exposure and grow their wealth with the help of an accountant. But the thing is, dealing with UK property tax issues, such as Value Added Tax (VAT), Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), and Inheritance Tax (IHT), is easier said than done. That’s where Affinity Outsourcing can provide you with much-needed relief. Our property tax accountants and advisors are fully ACCA-qualified to help your clients save tax legally and ethically.


We understand the unique challenges that general practice faces. If you work with them, you’ll know they require proactive, robust accounting advice that improves their efficiency and profitability plus expertise on NHS pensions, statutory compliance and superannuation. It’s tough! Our industry knowledge, personal approach, and expertise ensure your clients comply with their accounting obligations. Our specialist healthcare accounts team has extensive experience working with NHS and private healthcare accountants.


This industry is an integral part of our economy, supporting the creation of places where we live and work and the infrastructure that glues all cities together. But it requires particular knowledge to work around project accounting in addition to the complexities of the Construction Industry Scheme. Outsourcing can be a huge boon for accountants offering support to construction companies because it takes many administrative and compliance tasks off the plate. At Affinity Outsourcing, we’re committed to offering a range of services to your clients, including bookkeeping, payroll, tax advisory and many more.


Managing the accounts of a pub or restaurant demands massive commitment because of the volumes of transactional paperwork, wet and dry stock management and payroll that comes with it. You know your pub clients will get busy, especially during peak times like New Year or Christmas, which means more records to process and file accurately. You can always use the help of an outsourced accounting service provider! The good news is we take care of all kinds of accounting and tax requirements, including year-end accounts, corporation tax planning, and payroll. Minimise your workload.


Dental accounting involves everything that general accounting services include but with specialist elements. That means you’ll be busy filing tax returns, managing payroll, and supporting your dentist clients with Dental Practice Board (DPB) payments for NHS work and taxation advice on income from private dental plans. In this scenario, too, it’s easy for you to get bogged down with mundane, time-consuming accounting tasks. The beauty of outsourcing tedious functions to us is that we completely understand the unique requirements, challenges, and inner workings of the UK dental sector, which helps us aid you and your clients in a better, compliant way. How can we help you?

Better outsourced accounting service starts here.

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Artisan Accountants

Using Affinity Outsourcing has changed both my business and my lifestyle. I have an amazing work life balance and knowing that I have a back up plan if there is a reason why I can’t work has helped me enormously. The added value is that I have managed to increase my GRF and therefore the capital value of the business for my retirement without any stress. I cannot recommend this way of working highly enough.
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Kevin Alderton & Team

The contrast with the previous outsourcing company could not have been clearer. Affinity provided us with a dedicated team in the UK and a team leader in India. We have an established system which allows us to prioritise our jobs making sure client satisfaction remains high. We like the ability to switch our usage on and off according to our work volumes and our capacity. Using Affinity Outsourcing has given us a significant competitive advantage and we continue to exploit this and increase our client numbers without compromising service levels.
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McKenzie Philips Tax Accountants

As a general practitioner for over 30 years I have experienced all the highs and lows of staff shortages, poor quality working papers, missed deadlines and the day-to-day pressure of work. Since being with Affinity I have not missed a single deadline, I have found the quality of their work to be excellent, and l can relax more, safe in the knowledge that they are there for me, taking care of both my clients and my Practice. I cannot recommend Affinity highly enough.

We are different from ordinary outsourced accounting firms. We know our job well.

Pay As You Go!

Thinking of outsourcing but want to avoid getting bound for the long run? No problem! We keep our clients free from any contracts and follow the “Pay As You Go” model, which means you only have to pay for the services you want to use. No heavy deposits are to be made; no surprise charges from us—only brilliant accounts outsourcing service. Get going with Affinity Outsourcing!

Opt for a free trial

We see outsourcing as a solution for business growth and that helps accountancy practices achieve their potential. That’s why we offer to run a free trial job, so you can see how much your practice can benefit from outsourcing. Once you are confident, we work with you to create a bespoke package to suit the needs of your business. How simple is that, right?

Get transparent, simple pricing

We don’t charge by the hour, nor would you have to pay a monthly fee when no work is available. Either all the work we produce for you is completed for a guaranteed fixed fee. This is calculated as a set % of the fee you charge your client, which means you always know how much profit you’ll make on the job! Or if you have sufficient work, we provide a full time employee.

Add value to your practice

Outsourcing equals value addition, and we want all accountancy practices – small, medium, and large – to tap into their full potential without hassle. That’s why our team of certified and experienced accountants ensure that their work is top quality and delivers 100% client satisfaction. That’s a guarantee from our team!

Outsource your work in a structured way

Affinity Outsourcing is owned and managed by qualified UK accountants in practice. All your work is managed by an appointed client manager and team in India. Our advanced systems enable you to track the progress of every job and someone is always available during UK hours. Of course, the UK team is available if you have any doubts.

Use the latest accounting technologies

In this day and age, it always helps to be a tech-savvy accountancy practice. If you don’t have that competitive edge yet, fret not. Let us share our knowledge and expertise of the latest accounting software, such as Xero, QuickBooks, and Dext, and empower your accountancy practice to deliver competent services to your clients.

Is your accountancy practice ready to outsource?

Explore how Affinity Outsourcing can help you by requesting a call back from our team.

Explore how Affinity Outsourcing can help you by requesting a call back from our team.

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