Why Accounting Firms in London Are Increasingly Outsourcing Tax Preparation?

Plenty of accounting firms in London are looking abroad in hope that outsourcing accounting, bookkeeping and other tasks may consolidate their business and offer them free time to focus on more productive work.

Some of the common tasks to outsource are bookkeeping and tax return preparation, and small-scale accounting firms and individual accountants in London have been benefiting from affordable labor costs and fast turnaround times that an outsourcing company offers. Outsourcing accounting tasks such as bookkeeping and tax preparation have numerous advantages and accounting firms have achieved good results.

Listed Below are 6 Reasons Why Accounting Firms are Outsourcing Accounting Services:

1. Compared to all other reasons, the most common reason behind outsourcing is the expansion of the business. Likewise, procuring new clients turns out to be simple when you outsource accounting and bookkeeping services. Whenever accountancy practices in London outsource their tax preparation tasks, they get a longer time to pay attention to the important requirements of the clients.

2. Whey you hire an in-house resource, then there is a rise in the operating cost of the firm.

3. Losing a client is the nightmare for any firm, and when you outsource your accounting tasks to the offshore businesses, you can magnify your return by having to pay less. Additionally, there is no need to lose those valued clients as it may transpire if you happen to be caught up with crucial tasks.

4. Another crucial reason of outsourcing is the fact that you obtain a premium quality work job within the agreed time period.

5. Working with an outsourcing company like affinity for bookkeeping and accounting tasks is quite simpler as compared to dealing with an in-house team of accountants.

6. You possibly can boost the efficiency of business whenever you get a pool of qualified staff pertaining to an outsourcing company.

At Affinity Outsourcing, we can take care of bookkeeping and tax preparation for accounting firms very well. To know more about our outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services, get in touch with us today at 0203–848–4450 or mail us at We offer no-obligation quote and free consultation.

Here are How QuickBooks can Improve Your business’s Cash Flow

It’s not surprising that Intuit’s QuickBooks has been named as the best accounting software for small businesses in 2019. It not only helps a small business streamline the entire bookkeeping and accounting system, but it can also be used as a tool to help inform a business’s financial management strategy.  In fact, many small business owners make use of QuickBooks to enhance their company’s cash flow. Here are 3 ways you can use QuickBooks to improve cash flow in your business:

Make use of QuickBooks for Billing and Collection

A really recommended way to enhance your cash flow is to ensure you are regularly collecting your payments from customers and clients, and optimize your method for how you get paid. QuickBooks allows a small business to accept payments via credit cards and also via mobile. Things are made quite simple with QuickBooks – businesses can email invoices to customers with the payment link. Once the payment is made, QuickBooks automatically posts the payment to the customer’s account receivable, saving you the time of having to input the data manually.

The faster and the regular you get paid by your customers, the better your cash flow will be. With more cash on hand, you avoid wasting valuable time on collections, and you can take advantage of early payment discounts and interest earned on more money in your bank for more days.

Make use of QuickBooks to Download Bank and Credit Card Statements

Businesses using QuickBooks can set up a system by which they can download the bank and credit card statement online. This will offer you more realistic view of their current cash flow situation. You can quickly pull up these balances to gauge where your cash flow is in order to make more informed spending decisions right then and there.

Make Use of QuickBooks to Forecast Cash Flow

With the help of QuickBooks, you can create a 13-week cash flow forecast reports to help you take better financial decisions. QuickBooks users can download Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Recurring, Non-Payable Expenses from QuickBooks and lay them out in Excel to analyze the data and predict cash flow over the course of the next 13 weeks. This data can help businesses take better business decisions and even plan further ahead for the future.

If you are unable to manage your cash flow properly, then there are chances that your company may face a risk of failing. Therefore, it is advisable that you manage your accounts properly and regularly. Don’t let your business become a statistic; do your homework.

If you need help in managing your QuickBooks or any other accounting related tasks, then feel free to contact us at Affinity Outsourcing We are accountancy outsourcing company with more than 30 years of industry experience. Contact us for a free quote and consultation as well.

Outsourcing of Accounting Work – How Secure It Is?

Outsourcing of accounting work! What about the security of my clients’ financial data? This is one of the most common questions that accountants and accountancy firms have, who are considering about outsourcing the accounting work of their clients.

The notion of outsourcing of accounting work is gaining momentum across the UK. In fact, it is getting popular all across the developed nations! Looking at the time and cost benefits among other advantages, many accountants and accounting practices are thinking about outsourcing of accounting work of their clients. Ranging from bookkeeping, payroll management, and taxation to financial statement preparation and everything in between, accountants and accounting practices in the UK are considering about outsourcing as much of their clients’ accounting work as possible.

One of the main concerns, however, these accountants and accounting firms have when it comes to outsourcing is the security of clients’ financial information. Will the vital financial data of my clients remain secure? Where will the accounting work of my clients be processed? If it is going to be processed out of our country, will it remain confidential? How will it be sent to the offshore processing centre and back to us? Questions such as these are common and will obviously arise in the minds of accountants who have not yet experienced the high-class accountancy outsourcing services.

To address this concern about the data security, let us tell you in short that your clients’ financial information remains extremely secured. The concept of outsourcing of accounting work is not new. As a matter of fact, many accountants and accounting firms in the UK and across the developed nations are already outsourcing the work of their clients for many years now to companies specialising in accountancy outsourcing services. Most of these accountancy outsourcing companies are professional, honest, and build their reputation not only on quality services, but also on the sense of confidentiality they offer to their clients. Many accountancy outsourcing companies in the UK sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with an accountant or accountancy firm before taking any job to ensure the peace of mind to the latter.

When it comes to handling the sensitive financial data of the clients of an accountant or accountancy practice, different accountancy outsourcing services companies have the different measures set in place. For instance, we at Affinity Outsourcing ( have our very own data security measures.

We follow the strict protocols for financial institutions operating overseas to maintain the utmost security of data and are obligated by the UK data protection act.

We usually ask for the data from an accountant or accounting practice in a scanned format. If the accountant or the firm does not have the time to scan their client’s data, we request them to send it to us at our office in Wembley where we will scan and return it back. Once the data is in the scanned format, we will upload it to our own secured servers in the UK. This data is then made accessible to our delivery centre via a ‘dumb’ terminal. Our offshore team is well trained in data security and protection in order to ensure a seamless confidentiality protocol. Once our team processes the data, it will send it back to us at our UK office from where we will hand over the data back to you. From the inception to the completion strict protocols to protect the data are maintained.

Outsourcing of accounting work in the UK, to a reputable company, like us – Affinity Outsourcing – can be extremely beneficial for accountants and accountancy firms. It is extremely safe and rewarding.

If you are an accountant or an accountancy practice, no matter the size, you can partner with us to get your clients’ accounts production work done efficiently. In order to see how much safe and how much your practice can benefit from our accountancy outsourcing services, we also offer to run a FREE TRIAL JOB! Once you are confident about us, we will work to create a bespoke package to suit the specific needs of your practice.

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Accountancy Outsourcing Services in the UK to Help Your Accounting Practice

Do you own an accounting practice? Are you growing but struggling to cope with the increased workload? Consider us, Affinity Outsourcing, for high-quality accountancy outsourcing services in the UK.

Whether you run a single-man firm or multi-partner accounting practice in the UK, outsourcing of accounting work of your clients will definitely prove to be in your best interest. If you are a successful accounting firm, you will certainly grow, maybe today, tomorrow, or somewhere in the near future. With the growth, however, you should expect more work. Now, in order to manage the growing workload, you will need skilled and qualified staff that can produce high-quality work. Finding such a qualified workforce can be challenging and time-consuming. Furthermore, even if you find a quality staff, it may prove expensive for your practice – big team that is well-qualified does not work economically.

Professional accountancy outsourcing services for accounting practices in the UK will prove beneficial for your firm in this case. By engaging a reputable firm that specialises in outsourcing for accounting practice, you first of all eliminate the need for searching and acquiring qualified in-house staff to manage the workload. Since you eliminate the need of employing a full-time, in-house staff of certified bookkeepers and accountants, you also save substantially on the money! The second notable thing about accountancy outsourcing services is their cost-effectiveness. You only pay a small proportion of the fee that you take from your client for the work. Furthermore, accountancy outsourcing services are like on-demand services, which you can get as and when you need.

Finally, by considering accountancy outsourcing services, you can completely offload the entire accounting work of your clients to the professionals, who will handle it just the way you want it to be handled.

A reputable provider of accountancy outsourcing services in the UK, like Affinity Outsourcing, carries out work exactly in the same way you carry out work in your firm. We will follow the same accounting methods and preserve the same accounting formats that you, your staff, and your clients are used to. We will also ensure accuracy and promptness because we very well understand how the goodwill of your firm depends on the quality work you deliver to your clients.

Outsourcing of accounting work of your clients may, of course, worry you. We, however, ensure the utmost security and transparency as well as seamless communication. When you give us your clients’ data, it will be stored on the utmost secured server in the UK and will be accessed only by our legitimate users. Further, in case of communication, you will have a dedicated client manager in the UK, or a team leader at our well-established outsourcing centre with whom you can contact directly without any hassle.

Accountancy outsourcing services in the UK at Affinity Outsourcing are worth considering. Get in touch with one of our professionals to learn how our accountancy outsourcing services can help your accounting practice.

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