Here are How QuickBooks can Improve Your business’s Cash Flow

It’s not surprising that Intuit’s QuickBooks has been named as the best accounting software for small businesses in 2019. It not only helps a small business streamline the entire bookkeeping and accounting system, but it can also be used as a tool to help inform a business’s financial management strategy.  In fact, many small business owners make use of QuickBooks to enhance their company’s cash flow. Here are 3 ways you can use QuickBooks to improve cash flow in your business:

Make use of QuickBooks for Billing and Collection

A really recommended way to enhance your cash flow is to ensure you are regularly collecting your payments from customers and clients, and optimize your method for how you get paid. QuickBooks allows a small business to accept payments via credit cards and also via mobile. Things are made quite simple with QuickBooks – businesses can email invoices to customers with the payment link. Once the payment is made, QuickBooks automatically posts the payment to the customer’s account receivable, saving you the time of having to input the data manually.

The faster and the regular you get paid by your customers, the better your cash flow will be. With more cash on hand, you avoid wasting valuable time on collections, and you can take advantage of early payment discounts and interest earned on more money in your bank for more days.

Make use of QuickBooks to Download Bank and Credit Card Statements

Businesses using QuickBooks can set up a system by which they can download the bank and credit card statement online. This will offer you more realistic view of their current cash flow situation. You can quickly pull up these balances to gauge where your cash flow is in order to make more informed spending decisions right then and there.

Make Use of QuickBooks to Forecast Cash Flow

With the help of QuickBooks, you can create a 13-week cash flow forecast reports to help you take better financial decisions. QuickBooks users can download Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Recurring, Non-Payable Expenses from QuickBooks and lay them out in Excel to analyze the data and predict cash flow over the course of the next 13 weeks. This data can help businesses take better business decisions and even plan further ahead for the future.

If you are unable to manage your cash flow properly, then there are chances that your company may face a risk of failing. Therefore, it is advisable that you manage your accounts properly and regularly. Don’t let your business become a statistic; do your homework.

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Almost 34% Accountants are Suffering from Poor Mental Health. Here’s how to fix it

As per Economia, nearly a third or 30.4% of accountants suffer from poor mental health. Further, 71.4% of the respondents who were suffering from anxiety or depression admitted that these issues impacted their working life.

Jobs being boring, lack of confidence, and working with certain clients were the top factors cited by the accountants for their poor mental health. In order to ensure that the accountants of your practice do not suffer from anxiety or depression, consider the following things:

Make Job Interesting

With youngsters being the major workforce these days, the proprietors or partners of an accounting practice need to be mindful of what their staff wants and allocate the work accordingly.

Accountants these days want to do more than just carry out the mundane bookkeeping job of the clients. They do not want to handle the boring bookkeeping anymore but want to deal with more challenging tasks, like preparing financial statements, carrying out statutory and specialist audits, and so on. Let them handle these challenging tasks and outsource the less lucrative bookkeeping tasks to someone who specializes in outsourced bookkeeping services.

This will make the job more interesting for the accountants, while at the same time, will get the bookkeeping work of the clients done efficiently.

Of course, outsourced bookkeeping services at first will seem like an overhead, but think about freeing your staff who can focus on value-added, lucrative services of your practice!

Utilize the Contemporary Technology

Carrying out paperwork manually is no longer efficient or productive. Today’s accountants feel that manual accounts production work is time-consuming and boring. It is true!

There are lots of excellent accounting software applications available to automate everything for your practice. So, why not procure one and automate your practice? Using software like Xero makes accounting work less mundane for your accountants. It also improves the speed and accuracy of your staff!

With improved speed and accuracy, the accountants for your practice will certainly feel more confident, boosting their mental health as well as productivity.

Check the Capacity of Your Practice

It is very important to check the capacity of your practice to deal with the workload. Overloading your existing staff of accountants will only result in more cases of poor mental health. Therefore, if you are expecting more work this month or year, make sure your practice has enough resources. If you are not too sure, have a backup plan in place. For instance, find a reputable firm that specializes in outsourcing accounting practices. Whenever the workload increases, simply outsource some or the entire portion to such a firm.

Outsourcing for accounting practices can be the perfect solution. By doing so, you will no longer need to worry about overworking your existing staff or hiring permanent overheads whenever the workload increases.

A Leicester-based practice has this to say about our accountancy outsourcing services, “Sometimes you just need to realize that things have to change. That’s what happened to us, and I found a solution that works for me, my staff but most importantly for my clients.

Keep Your Accountants Happy

More and more accountants across the UK are suffering from poor mental health. The monotonous and manual job and the worry of being overworked make many accountants anxious and depressed, eventually hurting the business of an employer accounting practice.

However, it does not have to be this way. By considering certain things, some of which mentioned above, an employer accounting practice can substantially make their employee accountants happy. Every year, we at Affinity Outsourcing help accounting practices across the UK improve their overall business. With our quality accountancy outsourcing service in the UK, your firm too can benefit a lot.

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