Who we are

Affinity outsourcing is a UK owned and managed company providing a range of accountancy and tax services to UK accountants through offices in the UK and India.

With over 30 years experience in accountancy practice and run by qualified and experienced UK accountants, who understand the requirements and challenges of delivering first class accountancy outsourcing services to clients, Affinity Outsourcing is the first choice for accountants looking for a way to increase their profit margins, grow their business and improve client satisfaction.

The company was originally set up to deliver accountancy outsourcing services to Affinity Associates, an Accountancy and Consulting firm based in London. The partners needed to expand but couldn’t recruit the right staff and so came up with an innovative solution – why not find qualified staff in other countries? Using their contacts and knowledge they established an accountancy outsourcing services centre in their home city of Ahmadabad, India and their business was transformed. Once fully established Affinity Associates launched Affinity Outsourcing to offer the same great benefits and service to other accountants and the rest, as they say, is history.

Affinity Outsourcing is also based in London and all work is managed and controlled by the client managers in the UK, with qualified and trained staff in India completing the work. All staff preparing and completing accounts and tax work are either fully qualified or part qualified Chartered or Chartered Certified Accountants, and fully trained in all UK reporting requirements. Every Affinity Outsourcing client has a dedicated client manager in the UK and a dedicated team in India. The UK partners and practice manager make regular visits to India to provide training and review best practice to make sure that our clients receive the highest quality service at all times.

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What we do

Book keeping London UK

All the work produced by Affinity Outsourcing is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, guaranteed to be completed on time and guaranteed to improve your profit margin.

We offer all the services your clients would expect you to provide: Accounts Production,  Tax Computations, Personal Tax Returns, Book keeping, Payroll, Accounts and Tax Return Filing and Statutory Filing.

All of this work can be produced using any UK accounting software and can even be downloaded directly into your in-house accounts production software if you choose.

When you use Affinity Outsourcing to do your work, we will use your working papers, replicating the work you do in your office, so there is no need to retrain your staff or spend time trying to understand a new working format.

Why we are different

Firstly and we believe most importantly, is the fact that Affinity Outsourcing is owned and managed by qualified UK accountants, in practice. All your work is processed in the UK before being handed to the team in India. Our advanced systems enable you to track and monitor your work flow, so you can access an up to date status of your jobs. If you need to talk to someone about a job, for example it’s become urgent, you can phone or email either your client manager in the UK or your team leader in India.

Secondly, we don’t charge by the hour, nor would you have to pay for a person each month where there is no work available. Instead all the work Affinity Outsourcing produces for you is completed for a guaranteed fixed fee. This is calculated as a set % of the fee you charge your client, which means you always know how much profit you will make on the job and all of our clients have benefited from improved profit margins.

Thirdly, we don’t tie you into a long term contract. At Affinity Outsourcing we don’t see our service as a short term solution but as a long term investment that helps accountancy practices achieve their potential and provide an excellent service to their clients. But we also understand that this will be a new way of working for many accountants. For that reason, we offer to run a free trial job, so you can see just how much your practice can benefit from our service. Once you are confident this is the solution you have been looking for, we work with you to create a bespoke package to suit the needs of your business.

Book keeping London UK

Our Delivery Centres

Book keeping

Affinity Outsourcing currently has 2 delivery centres. The first based in Wembley and the second in Ahmadabad, India.

Two of the partners work from the Wembley office full time, along with the practice manager and client managers.

Affinity Associates and all the staff for this company also work from our Wembley and Horsham offices.

The accountancy outsourcing service centre in Ahmadabad is home to approximately 90 staff working from a modern, air conditioned office, based in the business district of the city. The building is owned by Affinity Outsourcing and equipped with up to date security systems and technology to ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our clients.

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