Unlike our competitors we don’t charge by the hour, nor would you have to pay for a person each month where there is no work available. Instead we charge each job completed at a set percentage of the fee you charge to your client. This guaranteed fee is fixed and is part of your service agreement and won’t change.

Exactly what percentage it is will depend upon the level of service you would like, for example if you would like your jobs to be completed and filed with HMRC and Companies House you will pay more than if you simply require jobs completed to trial balance stage.

Knowing exactly how much it will cost you to complete a job means you know exactly what profit you will make on every job before you send it to us, or, even before you take on a new client!

Ideally we work with Accountants who are able to outsource £50,000 or more of their GRF. However, if you are unable to provide us with that level of work initially, but are intending to grow and expand, and can build up to that level over an agreed period of time, then we can still work with you to achieve this. We offer a flexible solution for ad hoc work which can be revised on a monthly basis as the work you outsource grows. This ensures that you have plenty of time to find new business without having to worry about how you are going to complete the work.

The more work you outsource the better the rate we can offer.

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