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We understand how the term “outsourcing” is marred with many misconceptions. Client data security will be jeopardised. Outsourcing is expensive. Correspondence with the third-party team will be irregular. The list can go on! But does it have to be like that?

Not at all – when you have the right accounts outsourcing partner who follows a process.

How it Works – Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Outsourcing of Accounting and Bookkeeping Work in the UK – Working with Affinity Outsourcing couldn’t be easier and we are here to guide you through the setup process every step of the way. Hiring accountants and bookkeepers from Affinity Outsourcing is as simple as 1-2-3.

One of our Partners will visit you to explain the process, from establishing an accountancy outsourcing service agreement to returning your completed jobs. You can get all your doubts cleared during a free consultation with our partner.

They will offer you an insight into how other Affinity Outsourcing clients have set up their internal systems to adapt to using an outsourcing service and offer advice and practical solutions to meet the needs of your business. You can also choose to have a partner spend time in your practice to help you organise and set up this new way of working for you and your team. Once you are up and running we are always available to offer advice and assistance with any questions you may have.

Contact us now to discuss how Affinity Outsourcing could help your practice.

Outsourcing for the first time is a massive step for an accountancy practice. We follow six steps to offer accounting and taxation support to all our clients efficiently:

Phase 1 - Introduction and familiarisation
  1. Step one is for one of our partners to speak to you and explain the process, from establishing the outsourcing agreement to returning your completed jobs.
  2. They'll offer you an insight into how our other clients have set up their internal systems to adapt to using an outsourcing service, or they can spend time in your practice to help you organise and set up this new way of working.
  3. Once you're up and running, we're always available to offer advice and assistance with any questions you may have.
Phase 2 - Team setup
  1. Our setup process begins with allocating a named account manager and a team leader based in India.
  2. The team members who'll undertake the accountancy work for you will be put together, and we recommend they be introduced to your key people. This is the first step to building your outsourcing team.
  3. Don't worry that your team will have to change the way they work; we'll use your working papers, replicating the work you do in your office, so there is no need to retrain your staff or spend time trying to understand a new working format.
Phase 3 - Software setup
  1. We work across a vast range of accounting software and have strict security protocols in place.
  2. All client data is stored on our UK secure servers, with access to our delivery centre via a 'dumb' terminal. It doesn't leave the country.
  3. Our IT team will work with you to set up a secure access link to your accounting system. They will also set up your access to our advanced system/software, which enables you to track and monitor your workflow so that you can access the up-to-date status of your jobs at any time.
Phase 4 - Service kick-off
  1. In discussion with your account manager, we agree on the type and level of work we will process for you.
  2. We also agree on delivery timescales and fee levels. See our pricing page for more details.
  3. Your first set of work is transferred to our team. All data transferred to us is held on our UK-based secure servers.
Phase 5 - Service delivery
  1. Once the records are received, they are checked by your account manager in India.
  2. All information is requested before work commences. Once everything is received, we'll confirm the job is complete and give you the delivery timescale.
  3. Your job is allocated to the team in India, and your allocated team leader takes responsibility for its processing as agreed with you.
  4. Completed work is reviewed by a senior team member and then returned to you for checking before submission to your client. If any adjustments are required, the job should be returned to us and re-submitted to you after making recommended changes.
Phase 6 - Reporting
  1. You can check the status of your job at any point by using our in-house system/software.
  2. You will receive a weekly report summarising the number of jobs being worked on, the status of each job and its expected return date.
  3. This report is designed to help you manage and plan for the workflow coming into your office and answer your client queries about what is happening with their accounts.

The Affinity Outsourcing offices

Affinity Outsourcing currently has offices in Wembley and Piccadilly, UK and Ahmedabad and Vadodara, India. The accounting outsourcing service centre in India is home to 90+ accountants working from modern offices equipped with up-to-date security systems and technology based in the city’s business districts.

Every Affinity Outsourcing client has an account manager and a team leader based in India. They are highly qualified and provide training and review best practices to our accountants to ensure our clients receive the highest quality service at all times.

The Affinity Outsourcing Values

Better outsourced accounting service starts here.

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Artisan Accountants

Using Affinity Outsourcing has changed both my business and my lifestyle. I have an amazing work life balance and knowing that I have a back up plan if there is a reason why I can’t work has helped me enormously. The added value is that I have managed to increase my GRF and therefore the capital value of the business for my retirement without any stress. I cannot recommend this way of working highly enough.
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Kevin Alderton & Team

The contrast with the previous outsourcing company could not have been clearer. Affinity provided us with a dedicated team in the UK and a team leader in India. We have an established system which allows us to prioritise our jobs making sure client satisfaction remains high. We like the ability to switch our usage on and off according to our work volumes and our capacity. Using Affinity Outsourcing has given us a significant competitive advantage and we continue to exploit this and increase our client numbers without compromising service levels.
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McKenzie Philips Tax Accountants

As a general practitioner for over 30 years I have experienced all the highs and lows of staff shortages, poor quality working papers, missed deadlines and the day-to-day pressure of work. Since being with Affinity I have not missed a single deadline, I have found the quality of their work to be excellent, and l can relax more, safe in the knowledge that they are there for me, taking care of both my clients and my Practice. I cannot recommend Affinity highly enough.

Is your accountancy practice ready to outsource?

Explore how Affinity Outsourcing can help you by requesting a call back from our team.

Explore how Affinity Outsourcing can help you by requesting a call back from our team.